The Firm

The driving philosophy of Sherrod Defense is to rapidly build a wall of protection between our client and the government, to deliver the very best possible results in every situation, and to rebuild our clients’ peace of mind.

The foundation of the firm is Mr. Sherrod's deep knowledge of federal and state criminal laws, procedures, and rules of evidence. Still, there is no substitution for hard work and preparation. Cases are often won before the litigants ever enter the courtroom by the attorney who spent the night in the law library, refusing to leave until he found the case that allowed his client to prevail. A successful defense requires the mental dexterity to anticipate exactly what the next moves of the prosecution will be, develop a strategy to navigate those obstacles, and come out on top.

Clients are always shown in a positive light as the good people they are, no different than anyone else in the room. Finally, defenses are meticulously crafted and artfully presented to the judge and jury. This is the particular specialty of Sherrod Defense.

Expertise and a coherent defensive strategy underpin every phase of the process. When our firm decides to take a case, an unwavering commitment to our client forms the backbone of the process. We then proceed with unparalleled expertise through every phase of the criminal justice process. The investigative aspect of our representation begins the moment a client hires us. Our legal team delves into police reports, interviews witnesses, obtains forensic testimony, and identifies weaknesses in the prosecution's case. We work closely with our clients, reviewing events and gathering every detail pertinent to a successful defense.

Hard work and a thorough approach often uncover crucial evidence overlooked by police, who are pressed for time and often understaffed. To obtain a conviction in a criminal case, the prosecution must prove that the defendant is guilty beyond each and every reasonable doubt. At Sherrod Defense, our primary role is to highlight evidence that calls into question the prosecution's version of events, leaving no alternative but an acquittal and a dismissal of charges.

Authorities are prevented from questioning our clients unless our lawyers are at their side. Professional handling of the media prevents clients from making statements that could be misinterpreted and jeopardize their case. Likewise, all statements released to the media are products of intense scrutiny and deliberation, crafted to create a desired effect in line with the overall case strategy.

In summary, Sherrod Defense provides unparalleled service in the field of criminal defense in Southern California. When we accept a case, we also accept the responsibility for the well-being of our client as we navigate them through the treacherous waters of the criminal justice system. In every unique situation, we quickly determine the optimal outcome and don't stop working until we have achieved that result.

Sherrod Defense. Unwavering, uncommon excellence.